3. largefitjumper:

    Outfit of the day!

    I met up with an old friend today, it was very lovely 😀

    Shirt - Next (Size 20)
    Skirt- ASOS Curve (Size 18)
    Necklace - New Look

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  4. styleisstyle:

    This smooch print skirt from eShakti is my latest style crush. Check it out on today’s post!

    style is style: Kiss Me, Quick!

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  5. floweringplant:

    went to the city monday, had a great time :+)

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  7. shannonthinks:

    Tag your pics “#selfie spring”, and let’s dedicate this season to body positivity! All body types welcome!!

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  8. foxadhd:

    Pizza Princess 

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  9. fuckyeahchubbyfashion:

    Photo by Wibbly Wobbly Photograpy

    Dress handmade by me.

    Headdress handmade by me.

    US Size 18

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  10. asifthisisme:

    Beard envy :(

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